It’s important to remember that anything is possible.


repeat after me: my spirit overflows with luminous energy 

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I recently used the law of attraction to get a job (I am only 15) and I soon got in trouble with my dad because I lied to him about something and he's making me quit my job before I even get it. How can I use LOA to prevent this?

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The only way to “use” the law is to pay attention to how you feel (thus the vibration you are offering) and do your best to feel as good as possible all the time. Focusing on something you don’t want to happen only keeps it active in your energy and present in your life.


today’s successful flower thievery.

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Flawed Premise #1

I am either physical or Non-Physical, either dead or alive.

Many people do not understand that they existed before their physical birth. Many others believe that if they existed in the Non-Physical before their birth, the Non-Physical part of them ceased to be once they were born into this body. In other words, ‘I am either Non-Physical or physical, either dead or alive.’

We want you to remember that while you are focused here in this Leading Edge body in this Leading Edge time, the Eternal,  Non-Physical, older, wiser, larger part of you remains Non-Physically focused. And because the Non-Physical part of you exists, and because You exist, there is an eternal undeniable relationship between those two important aspects of you. 

This relationship (this Vibrational relationship) that exists between the physical you and the Non-Physical You is significant for many reasons. 

1. The emotions that you feel (your Emotional Guidance System) are because of the relationship between these two Vibrational parts of you. 

2. As you reach for new thoughts and expansion, out here on the Leading Edge of life, you have the benefit of the stable knowledge of your Non-Physical counterpart.

3. As you reach for new thoughts and expansion, out here on the Leading Edge of life, the Non-Physical part of you has the benefit of the expansion that you carve out of your physical experience.

4. Every other relationship you have (that is, with other people, with animals, with your own body, with concepts and ideas, with life itself) is profoundly affected by this all-important relationship between you and You.

The Vortex, Abraham Hicks, page 13

So What Does That Mean?

Not only were you Non-Physical (pure positive energy “spirit) before your physical birth into this body and will be after your physical body is deceased, but you (in fact the larger part of you) are still currently Non-Physical vibrations. A small part of you is focused into your physical body, we are all on the leading edge of creation. This means that everything you are experiencing in your physical reality [aka the contrast— wanted and unwanted] is being observed and translated by the larger, Non-Physical part of you [aka Inner-Being] is understanding and becoming every preference you discover, whether you speak it or even think it. This is your Vibrational Escrow or Vortex— thevibrational fortress of everything you desire.

When you feel that you have been treated poorly, your Inner Being understands that you would prefer to be treated with love and respect and literally becomes that preference. If you would also focus on that preference, perhaps by thinking about times when you have been treated well, and feel good— you would be in Vibrational Alignment and what you desire (better treatment) would manifest in your experience. But often, out of habit, you look back at the awful treatment and feel bad because this person has said or done bad things to you. You are matching the vibration of the negative feelings. You tell others about it. You replay the incident over and over in your mind. You imagine future scenarios when it could happen again. You try to “think positive” and think of everything you can do to prevent bad treatment or strike back. Your vibration is still not in alignment with what you want, so no matter what action you take, your misaligned vibrations will keep attracting things that don’t feel right or end up badly. 

When your physical thoughts are not in alignment with your Inner Being (and all you truly desire), you feel negative emotion. When your thoughts are in alignment with your Inner Being, you feel the benefit and the positive emotion.

When you understand this, you understand why you or anybody else feels any emotion ever. This is why watching something funny can relieve sadness and pain, you are focused on something that makes you happy and that brings you into alignment with your Inner Being in that moment. Focusing on something sad, listening to a sad song or thinking about problems creates negative emotions. 

No big deal right? Who cares how I feel?

You should.

There are many ideas as to why we exist, why things happen the way they do and why there are exceptions to every rule and statistic— but it all comes down to vibrations. 

Everything in this universe has a vibration. Sounds, light, humans, animals, and every other piece of matter on earth is being managed and sorted by the Law of Attraction [{that which is like unto itself is drawn aka like attracts like aka thoughts become things}], which like the law of gravity, is always active, impartial and accurate across the board, whether you are aware of it or not. 

You are constantly sending out vibrations that match your current active thought. The relationship between these vibrations and the vibrations of your Inner Being (always love, always) indicates your current emotions and feelings. As you are sending out vibrations that match your current physical thoughts, the Law of Attraction finds every other cooperative component in the universe. The moment you live the contrast, and your Inner Being becomes that preference, the universe brings all matching vibrations to it. Once you are in alignment with that desire, it can manifest in your physical experience. 

Something that is often forgotten is that you are always vibrating. Whether you are trying to attract something good or not, the Law of Attraction is responding to your active vibration. So when you are feeling bad you are vibrating on that negative frequency and in that moment the universe begins to bring you a life that matches the negativity. That is why when something crappy happens in the morning, the rest of the day usually gets worse (unless you make a conscious effort to turn your focus/vibrations around). 

It’s fine to feel sad or unhappy, just realize that every moment you spend feeling bad, your are in the process of attracting a life that matches how you feel. That is a simple reason to feel better, as soon as you can. 

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“ Change is part of the world.
Until the last moment,
Anything is possible. ”

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positivitycity is back y’all

Hi love, just checking in! Hope you're doing well <3

I am! I hope you are too sweetie! Happy belated birthday! xx

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“ Falling in love with yourself first doesn’t make you vain or selfish, it makes you indestructible. ”

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