"There is no exclusion in this attraction based universe. In an attraction based universe, there’s only inclusion, which means when you look at this thing you want and you say yes to it, you include it in your vibration. But when you look at this thing you don’t want and you shout no at it— you include it in your vibration. The only way you can stop attracting something that you don’t want is by giving your attention to something that you do want.

++ Abraham

The simple act of purposely redirecting my thoughts when I begin to feel bad has impacted my daily practice so much. I have allowed it to become that easy. Feeling good is so high on my priority list that in the same moment I realize I am feeling less than good, I (usually) can remember that feeling better is as easy as thinking about something else. Whenever it’s possible, I try to utilize my awareness of the contrast I am living (using the knowledge of what I don’t want to figure out what I do want) to find thoughts about the same subject that feel better. Occasionally when that just isn’t happening, I can find thoughts of a completely different topic that bring feelings of relief— like remembering all the good things I already have going on.

Perpetually practicing perspective, in this inclusion based universe.

You create your own reality by conjuring within yourself an emotion that feels good to you, no matter what it takes to do that. And when you do it consistently, your life will respond to your point of attraction, which you have total and utter control over.

Abraham-Hicks @ North Los Angeles WS, 2014-07-26

Good Morning (in advance)


Don’t move. Just breathe. One amazing breath after another. Feel the oxygen travel deep into your lungs and disperse like microscopic gold throughout your body.

Today is going to be a good day. Things will go right, because that is what you are choosing to focus on. There is as much happiness in your life as you allow to come to you.

Breathe in the happiness.

Today you are going to be happy. The universe supports whatever you believe. Believe that you are worthy of true happiness. Believe that you have the power to control your thoughts.

Breathe in the power.

You are a strong, beautiful, unique, brilliant, genius creator, living through the contrast of this physical experience. Whatever you give your attention to will grow. You are energy, when you focus on something, you are using your energy to create more of that.

You are both a physical human being and a Non-Physical, vibrational, inner-being. Your inner being is always, without exception feeling love, for you and everything around you. Your inner-being is always looking at the best aspects around you and feeling unconditional, unbridled love and approval of everything you do. When you make the choice to look for only positive aspects, you are moving towards vibrational alignment with your inner-being. When your thoughts consistently match your inner-beings perspective, you are unstoppable.

Today if at any point you feel discouraged, stupid, overwhelmed, intimidated or worried, remember that the larger, vibrational (inner-being) part of you loves you. Your inner-being will never leave you. Your inner-being supports your every desire, without judgement.

Today if at any point you feel threatened, angry, betrayed, annoyed or hurt, remember your inner-being knows nothing but love for others. Even though they may have displayed behavior that you disapprove of, even if you are completely justified in these feelings— your inner-being understands. Everybody sometimes makes mistakes and has bad days, and sometimes we do mean things that we do (or don’t) regret. But that is them and you are you and your inner-being takes nothing personally. Your inner-being recognizes that hurtful actions come from a place of misalignment, and feels compassion for this person or group. Your inner-being never feels hatred or anger towards another, or towards you, only love. Remember this.

Breathe in, breathe out. 

Now you are ready to start another wonderful day.